The Fortune Is In The Follow-Up

Good Follow-Up Creates Simple, Fast, and Effective Lead Generation

Robert Rosenthal – Passionate About Follow-Up

Hello, my name is Robert Rosenthal, and I have put my years of business expertise into showing professionals, business owners and start-ups the importance of follow-up to create robust lead generation and client retention best practices.

Throughout my business career I’ve owned nightclubs, hotels and motels in New York City, New Jersey and Florida. Since I came to California I’ve owned restaurants throughout the San Diego area.

The Importance of Lead Generation and Client Retention

The most important thing a business does is get in touch with new clients, and keep in touch with old ones.

If I’ve earned anything other than money for all my years in business, it’s a PhD in Follow-Up. Lead Generation can come from the smallest act, or the simplest insight.

The Small Things Lead to More Clients

I graduated with a degree in business management and am a certified entrepreneur from CEO Space. My specific business talent, and what gets me most excited about my business activities, is finding the simple things that are actually extremely important, but which 90% of the business community views as trivial.

This simple things, though they look like they might be insignificant, some may say a waste of time, have a big impact on the bottom line. 90% of businesses are failing their bottom line. Mine are not.

That’s what I offer. The talent of a mind for the simple things that make a big impact.

Take a look at the numerous opportunities here on PhD in Follow-Up to gain new clients and make sure you stand out to the ones you have. Also, be sure to read our free report “21 Ways to Explode Your Business Using Greeting Cards”, and learn how to find new business from the clients already around you.

At a San Diego Association of Realtors event
At a San Diego Association of Realtors event
At a Work At Home Business Expo in Del Mar
At a Work At Home Business Expo in Del Mar
At an RBN event on a Yacht in Orange County
At an RBN event on a Yacht in Orange County

The Art Of Keeping In Touch Is All About Follow-Up

Andrea Koochin – Relationship Marketing is King

Andrea was born and brought up in London, England and has lived in several European Cities as well as some in Africa. She spent 15 years in London working in television production mostly on programming for an educational cable channel expanding it throughout Europe and on music infomercials for American companies like Guthie Renker and Time Life.

Between television contracts, with the admin and management skills she had acquired she was able to help set up several small businesses including television production and theatre companies, market research companies, an art gallery, and a children’s party company.

After moving to California she took some time off to settle in and look after her new baby daughter, and meanwhile she helped her husband, Steve, set up and build his holistic health business.

Working with Robert

Since March 2012 Andrea has been working with Robert Rosenthal helping small business owners and entrepreneurs manage their businesses and their marketing, and get clever at doing their Follow-Up.

Networking, Conference and Event Follow-Up

Andrea and Robert belong to several networking groups like RBN, Welcoming Services San Diego, CEO Space International, TEAM and Secret Knock, and there they have met many business owners who struggle with follow-up, even though they know how important it is, specially after large events where they meet lots of people, and that is how PhDinFollow-Up came to be – as a way of helping support business owners with efficient and cost-effective solutions that are helping them keep up with their follow-up and grow their businesses.