You might want to read the first part of this blog so that you understand why I feel justified in telling Dr. Mercola anything! In my view, which I documented in a recent post about the wonders of gratitude in changing our lives, I feel he missed some very important points.

In order to avoid falling into the same trap, this is what I suggest:

  1. Download our accompanying 30 Day Gratitude Challenge Log and make sure you express thanks outside of yourself every day to at least one person.
  2. Write to that person and tell them how you feel about them.
  3. Then put their name on the log with the date and the reason you wrote to them.

Interesting things will happen. As Dr. Mercola’s article states, “

[R]esearch has shown that being on the receiving end of a person’s gratitude can boost subjects’ sense of self-worth and/or self-efficacy. It also appears to encourage participants to further help the person who offered the gratitude but also another, unrelated person in an unconscious ‘pay it forward’ kind of connection.”

Thank You Card - Send Out CardsSending out your gratitude notes through our SendOutCards system is essential for two reasons, firstly because you will have a record of every card you sent so that you can remind yourself of how you felt and what you wrote on a day when you don’t feel so grateful any more.

And secondly because receiving a lovely greeting card in the mail from someone expressing gratitude is likely to make you feel so happy you want to express that and might well thank the person who sent it for their efforts. So there you were struggling with effort to thank the people you know for something, and then someone calls you to thank you for the card you sent them.

What do you think that will do for your motivation? It’s like getting a personal coach to tell you to go out and do it again, for free. And how about being your own personal coach? On a good day, when you are full of the gratitude spirit, send yourself the most beautiful card you can find, or create one of your own (you can even add your own image, or photo as a good reminder) and mail it to yourself.

That way in few day’s time you will have in your hands the evidence of how good it is to feel grateful, and it will remind you how to create that feeling. Furthermore, of course, you must actually thank yourself for being a good person – we tend to spend a lot of time bashing ourselves up (apparently about 400 times a day) and a gratitude card will even out the balance a little.

Flex the mindset muscles to feel happier, as it were. That’s what I call the double-wammy effect, you feel good because you expressed your gratitude in a permanent way. They feel good because you thanked them. They in turn invariably thank you back which makes you even more inclined to go and thank another person. You see how wonderfully that all synchronizes? That’s how we will make the world a happier place, and not only for the holiday season, but right through the coming years.

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