As many of you know, the Easter holiday is getting closer, and it’s usually a time when we get our families together for a special Sunday lunch and focus on Easter eggs and gifts for our loved ones. So, you are most probably asking yourself “okay, but what has all this got to do with better client relationships?”

That’s a very good question, and you might not realize why the Easter holiday, and any other holiday as well for that matter, offers a perfect opportunity for you to improve your communication and collaboration with your clients, and prospective clients. Let us tell you how is it done.


Send a Greeting Card

Well, as a first step, you might send a greeting card to all your clients and potential clients. In this way you show them how much you appreciate their business, and you will make your clients feel good because you thought about them long enough to send them a card. By doing this, you are also reminding your prospective clients that you exist, in a way that the competition is not, which gives you an advantage when it comes to their choosing who to work with. If you order your greeting cards here you can have your own custom branding printed on the back, whether it be a company logo or family photo.


Send a Gift to celebrate Easter or Spring

With more significant relationships, whether they be with a family member or important clients, consider sending a gift. This could be something as small as a Starbucks gift card, or chocolate fudge brownies, or a Golden Egg of Abundance.


Host a drinks party

The third suggestion we have is to invite your clients to a special holiday drinks part for Easter or Spring. It’s seasonally a time of celebration symbolic of growth, so make this an opportunity for your clients and associates to plant the seeds of business growth, not only for yourself, but for your clients too, as a drinks party is a great networking opportunity. This will be far more memorable than hosting a party for the Winter holidays because everyone does it then. In fact, most people in business are swamped with party invitations at that time of year.

The point is, that whatever you do for your clients to show your appreciation of them and all that they do to keep your business going, even the smallest thing such as sending a simple greeting card, can make a huge difference in your relationships – business or personal actually. But more on that another day…