Imagine you are buying a house and you go to several viewings and see a few houses you like. What if you received a greeting card from the Realtor showing one of the houses a few days later. A card with a picture on the front of you in that house? How would you feel about that?

Or imagine you are buying life insurance and you meet a few agents in your local Starbucks and a few days later receive a greeting card from one of them with a picture of you and the agent sharing a joke on the front. How would you feel about that?

Or imagine you just celebrated your 10th wedding anniversary and your … dry cleaner … dentist … garage …

[insert whichever business you like here] sent you and your spouse a beautiful card with two yummy chocolate brownies. How would you feel about that?

You see where I am going with this?

Now, if you are that Realtor, Insurance Agent, Dry Cleaner, Dentist, Garage … you would want a system that would make it as easy as possible to send that card, right?

Well here it is: an app that allows you to snap a photo with your phone and send a card with that image and your message inside, even your company logo on the back, all from your car after the meeting is over, or from the Starbucks before your next meeting starts. If you are slow, and have to type in the address, it could take you as long as 10 minutes to do. If not, you could do it in under 2 minutes.

And the cost for the card? From as little as $1.42 including the 49cent stamp.