Sending a real card in the mail is one of the concrete strategies you should implement in your lead conversion plan. It is one of the ways for you to accelerate conversions of prospects into hot leads and customers. A prospect is someone you meet at networking events, standing in line, fundraisers, your kids school, etc… who show an interest in what you do, and seem likely to become customers.

Using SendOutCards makes this super simple. Rather than collecting business cards that pile-up on your desk, waiting for you to do something with, you can enter your new contacts info quickly into your SendOutCards contact list, choose a card (you can custom make or choose from the catalog), and push send.

This is what happens after you click the “Send Card” button:

That’s what happens in the SendOutCards print shop, but what happens when your new prospect receives their card? They get reminded of your meeting, they feel valued because you took the time to send them a card IN THE MAIL! And, with the right call to action (Yes, even in your cards you should have a message that makes them pick-up the phone or send you an email), has them scheduling another opportunity for you to meet with them.

So what call to action can you use that won’t sound like you are coming on too strong? Here are a few examples:

  1. … I’d love to meet with you again and find out more about what you do
  2. … I’ve put together this video, take a minute to check it out (put a link in the card OR better yet, a QR code they can scan with their smart phone and watch within seconds without retyping a link. Make sure your video also has a strong call to action so they know what to do next)
  3. … I have time next week if you’d like to schedule another opportunity to talk, here’s a link to my online calendar (put link in, or you can also use a QR code here)

Don’t use more than one call to action in your card or they might be confused as to what to do next. Also, it will be hard for you to measure the effectiveness of your call to action, since you won’t be entirely clear which one led them to a future interaction.

As with all things you do in business, keep track of the effectiveness of each card. After 3 months or so, stop using cards that didn’t produce a good return, and only use the ones that do.

We would be happy to SEND YOU A CARD (click) so you can see what a powerful tool SendOutCards can be in your follow-up strategy.