Well, this very special day is getting closer. I am of the belief that Mother’s Day is the only day, or one of the rare days in a year, when all mothers, whether they are busy moms, career mom’s or housewives should be able to do something just  for themselves.

But, this is also the occasion when children show their appreciation to their mothers, letting them know how much they love them and care about them and how much they respect everything they are doing for the family every single day. There are numerous ways to do it, but here are our favourite ideas.

Photo album – Share photos

You probably all have family photos and your own photos archived somewhere. You may, for example, create a small album with your most memorable photos where you and your mother are together and include some funny photos from your childhood, or with your children. Photos are all over the place on social media today, but we see them for a few seconds on screen only. With real printed photos in an album you can look at them time and time again.

Make Something

Of course this is a fantastic opportunity to create an amazing Mother’s Day gift which will cost you almost nothing except a little time and will be really personal, and this is a good one for children too. Make something by hand, for little children, even macaroni necklaces can be a hit, or a picture with children’s hand prints, which are something to treasure forever. If you don’t have little ones around to inspire you, YouTube is a great place for crafting ideas.

Bake Cakes or Cookies

I don’t need to go into any detail on this one – there are thousands of recipes on the internet too. But for those of you who are not bakers, we know where you can buy wonderful baked goods including the best chocolate brownies ever! Specially lightly warmed with a dollop of cream or vanilla ice cream – now there is a very special treat! Click here for details 

Mother's Day card from our large selection on PhDinFollowUp

Mother’s Day card from our large selection on PhDinFollowUp

What About The Card? 

Of course you cannot do without what is actually our favourite idea of course!

Create a personalized greeting card with either family photos or childrens’ artwork – or both of course! As a special treat for you (and your mother) hop over here to send a Mother’s Day greeting card on us. That’s right, we’ll pay for it for you.

The point is that whatever you decide, just make sure that your gift is a special because mothers are the ones who loves us unconditionally and they deserve the best from us at least once a year.