Supercharge your business in 30 days – The Secret to Increased Productivity at work.

What do many of us do to increase our productivity?

We set goals; we write out our tasks and our to-dos; we use a 2 minute rule; we use a 15 minute timer; we work in 90 minute blocks of time; we take frequent breaks; we plan ahead; we create routines; we use apps; we write lists; we read books; we eat the frog first; we don’t sweat the small stuff; we try not to check our emails too often; we have meeting free days; we clear up our clutter; we get up early; we stay up late …

What have you done to increase your productivity?

Increased Productivity TipAfter using every tip you learned about being productive, does it get you the results you want?

Do you ever feel that you are incredibly busy, working really hard, long hours, and your business seems to be taking up your whole life, but when you look back at your year, month, week or day, you see that you didn’t really get that much done after all?

Is it all busy, busy, busy with no results?

Now the big question is, why is that happening? If someone else got good results with the tips you are using, then why can’t you?

Well the big productivity tip, a.k.a. “secret” is that it’s all in Mindset. So now you know the answer, what do we do to fix it? Well there are hundreds of solutions out there as we have already discussed, but a book I found recently by Dennis Becker is a cut above the rest and I think he might have cracked the code.

In his book, The 30 Day Productivity Plan, Dennis claims to be able to teach any business owner  to get to a point where “you’re going to be able to get so much more done in just 30 days than you did over 365 days” last year.

I’m excited to take him up on his challenge. This business owner for one is going to give it a go to see what happens, and I will report on my progress. In the meantime, if you are interested in making the journey to increased productivity with me, you can purchase Dennis Becker’s book here.