Independence Day is the Fourth of July, and the Americans celebrate this day as the day they gained independence from Great Britain in 1776. This is not only a patriotic day but a family day as well. Many of you will, on this day, get together with family, go out on a picnic or have family lunches or dinners. There are huge numbers of events organized on this day especially for families such as: hotdog eating competition, different sports events and many communities have parades, fireworks, and more fun activities.

This is also a great time to connect with clients, customers and even those people who have not quite decided whether to become your client or customer or not. It’s always a good idea to connect for no other reason than to connect. Don’t promote your latest offer, don’t offer holiday discounts, don’t sell anything, just send a card, a postcard, or even an email to say hello, and to remind people that you are thinking of them.

Some of you would also like to make the most of the opportunity to be original and creative, maybe with your kids, for this special day in order to surprise not only your love ones but also your colleagues and co-workers as well. Let us show you how to use your creativity in the most efficient way. And this is a great excuse to have your children get creative and use a computer at the same size.


Make greeting cards with your kids and send them via your computer

This is the perfect gift for Independence Day. You can easily create unique and customized greeting cards, whether you spend time designing something yourself, or enlist your children to be creative for you. This is a great way to keep them busy for a few hours and who is not looking for ways to stop them getting bored now they are off school? Get them to draw a USA flag or some fireworks, scan the drawing you or they have created (there are apps for that if you do not have a scanner), log into your SendOutCards account, and have them mail the cards out for you. Don’t have a SendOutCardsaccount – click here to set one up.


Prepare handmade cupcakes or cookies with your kids and visit veteran’s shelters

Do some research to find local veteran’s shelters, make (or buy) cookies, cupcakes or brownies, pack them up in a basket, and head off with your kids to share your goodies with the people who served our nation so bravely. By doing this you are teaching your kids a very important value – to help others in needs, and the experience they have with you on that visit will be worth far more to them than the value of the effort you put into it. Not to mention making the veteran’s days too!


Organize Family and friend Theatre play about Independence Day

This is a great way to teach your kids about American history or to have them do some of their own research online. And here is another wonderful summer vacation activity to use up some of that abundance of free time your children have with a creative outlet.  And then you can invite family, friends, and neighbours to see the play, and everyone will have a great night.


Another socially responsible activity to do at work

You can collect money, food and clothing to donate to charities, especially those that look after veterans. Go round the house with your kids and search out some items you no longer need. There will probably be plenty of clothes, books, and toys they no longer use, and someone else would appreciate. And working together with your colleagues on this gives it a team spirit which makes it all the more fun.

If you do not have a SendOutCards account already and want to send a greeting card to celebrate Independence Day to someone you care about somewhere in the US, please click here and we will pay for it for you. That’s right, we will send it for you for free as our 4th July gift to you. Make sure you follow the video prompts so that you can see easily how to add your own images and designs to the card.