Unless you are one of those super organized people who plan everything way ahead you are probably still in need of something for Valentine’s Day. And by ‘something’ I mean a beautiful greeting card, a box of exquisite chocolates, the most beautiful red roses you have ever seen or some other little gesture of appreciation delivered by mail to your one true love.

So what is it going to be? The card obviously is a given, but what about the chocolates, or the roses, or some send roses for valentines day through sendoutcardschocolate fudge brownies, a Starbucks gift card, a beautiful inspiring book, a huge print of your happiest afternoon together, or a picture book following your love story.

Whatever it is you’re probably thinking that to get all those things or even one of them involve some kind of a trip somewhere and some kind of expense somewhere and how on earth are you going to guarantee to find the right card as well.

Well you need stress no more we can have that all organized in the next 15 minutes. Many of our clients are small business owners, and they use our greeting card system to communicate with their clients. Particularly for follow-up with prospects, relationship building with relatively new clients and for keeping in touch with existing clients to maintain trusting relationships with them. But when it comes to Valentine’s day, Mother’s Day, family birthdays or wedding anniversaries they forget that the cards can be used for those occasions as well.

Here is a gentle little reminder to all our SendOutCards business partners and customers that you have right in front of you at this very moment the tool to creating the perfect valentine card and gift to demonstrate how much you care about the one you love.

And yes that includes those of you reading this on your tablets or cell phones. The app is back, for both Apple and Android, and it’s better than ever. So stop what you’re doing right now, log into your account, and let your special someone know how much you care. And if you have any questions at all please contact us, that is what we’re here for, to make sure that your experience of using the SendOutCards system is smooth and flub free.