This Thanksgiving send custom printed greeting cards mailed for you that arrive in someone’s hand as well as their heart.

Sending out holiday cards is often a daunting task. But imagine having cards mailed for you… that’s what I do!

Greeting cards reach people in a way nothing else can. You can create a story and convey how you really feel with words and pictures. When your card arrives in the mail, it is often put on a desk or shelf or gets pinned to a noticeboard or stuck to a fridge where it stays reminding the recipient, day after day, of a happy time or a person they love.

Childs Artful Thank You CardOur family has a number of friends and relatives in far-away places, like Canada and Europe and they often send gifts, especially for my daughter who is now eight. I am very old fashioned in many ways so I insist on her sending a thank you note or letter so show her appreciation of the gesture. Sometimes, if it was a little thing they sent, a phone call might do, but when someone has put thought, effort or expense into getting a really wonderful gift for a birthday or Christmas, I think it deserves an exchange of greater effort from the recipient.

Now, even my young daughter writes thank you notes and letters after receiving gifts. And not just by email, but real notes or letters which go by US mail and arrive in someone’s hand as well as their heart. She recently discovered the internet and all the wonderful things that you can do there and has started writing all sort of things on a computer, and learning about some exciting things that can be created from watching me.

I create cards of all types – thank you cards, birthday cards, business marketing, sympathy, etc. using a computer, too. But rather than the cards being delivered via email and getting confused as spam, these cards are delivered by the good old US Post Office.

It’s easy for me, no hassle of pen, paper, stamps, envelopes or mailboxes. Sending a card has never been so easy! With just the click of a button, I can choose my custom card, add a personal photo, write a message and click send. It gets printed, stuffed, stamped and mailed for me.

After watching me do this with our online greeting card system the other day, my daughter asked if she could use it to send a greeting card to her great aunt in Germany to thank her for the birthday gift she sent. I thought that was rather a good idea. On the outside of the card, we uploaded and inserted some lovely art my daughter had created herself. Inside we added photos and made it very special with a hand written message, and personal signatures.

A few days later we received a phone call from her great aunt in Germany thanking us for the wonderful thank you card. She was so delighted by the photos we included and the art work my daughter created for her, as well as the handwritten message. This compelled her to reach out and thank us for it. It was a really special thing for her and she will keep it and look at it often to remind her of us. She is looking forward to getting her next one already!

As Thanksgiving approaches we all naturally start reflecting on gratitude. So who are you grateful for? Who deserves a thank you card from you? The kind of card they will be compelled to call and thank you for? Who is the first person who comes to your mind?

As you were kind enough to read our blog posting, we would like to offer you the chance of making a greeting card to send them right now for free. That’s right, cards mailed for you!