It has never been easier to make an impact on the people you want to impress.

This unique online greeting card and gift system is used by over 700,000 people, sending over 150 million greeting cards and 10 million gifts to friends, customers, clients and family members all at the perfect time…SendOutCards makes it simple to let everyone you care about know you’re thinking of them.

We want to give you an opportunity to test run this simple, efficient and cost-effective system that will give you the advantage you need in business and make you a rockstar with your friends and family.

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   The simplest way to make someone’s day!

When we think about sending someone a card for that special occasion, we have visions of driving to the card store; spending way too much time trying to find the right message for the person and the occasion; spending way too much money for the best card we could find; writing a personal message inside and signing it; stuffing, sealing, and addressing the envelope (Where did I put that address?)…then there’s postage, that’s a trip to the post office but at least I can post it while I’m there. Wow, that’s a major undertaking! Maybe I’ll just send them a text!

With SendOutCards, you simply sit down at your computer or break out your mobile device and with a few easy steps, your high-quality, custom-designed, personalized (with your own handwriting if you want), greeting card is delivered to the hands of its recipient and you become the most thoughtful, considerate, organized person they know!

Following up with prospects and customers has never been easier. SendOutCards lets you maintain your contacts in its Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) and you can create automated campaigns that target your potential customers, new buyers, or just keep you top of mind with your loyal clients and help them to remember you when their friends are looking for someone who does what you do.

People do business with those they know, like, and trust.