What is Follow-up?

We prefer to think of it like this –
to maintain contact with a person, organization, or group so as to develop a relationship for the mutual benefit of both parties.

Why Follow-Up?

By following up, you’re doing something most businesses don’t bother with that sets you apart from the rest and keeps you top of mind.

By listening to customers’ needs and problems, you are gathering invaluable intelligence to create new products or services.

Thoughtful contact shows that you appreciate your customers and this breeds loyalty. People do business with those they know, like, and trust.

While the follow-up shouldn’t be about pushing the sale, it serves as the perfect opportunity to inform prospects or customers about upcoming events or launches.

Consistent follow-up gives customers a chance to be heard and engage effectively.

Follow-ups can be a great source to ask customers what they want or expect next.

Expend a little personal attention on customers and they will reciprocate by being consistently good purchasers of your product or service and refer you to everyone they know.

Highly Recommended!

I had modest goals for my 1-person, home-based business but a PhD in Follow-up helped me surpass those goals. I am now the proud owner of a thriving business with 10 employees! Not only that, I’m also making a nice side income as a promoter of the Shuffle app and SendOutCards! These tools are excellent for growing your business and helping others meet and surpass their business goals!

Aug. 10, 2019, by K. Pali

Best business tool!

We have been using SendOutCards for over 9 years and this app is a GAME CHANGER! We own a window tinting business and this app allows us to take a picture of the vehicle, house, building, plane, tractor…whatever it is we have tinted and send a card right on the spot! Customers LOVE receiving cards and brownies from us and they tell ALL of their friends! Thank you, SendOutCards! You ROCK!

Aug. 17, 2019, by TraciRunge

The Fortune is in the Follow Up – this makes it simple!

I’ve tried every app on the market for engaging with new contacts and following up over time – Shuffle does it fast, professional and easy! Every month there are new updates that improve different aspects. Plus now with proximity marketing built in it’s truly an all in one solution for any business!

Jul. 28, 2019, by JnKLeon

Following up is a part of building relationships…

How many times have you heard someone say they’ll get back to you on something or they’ll give you a call next week to discuss something further…then you never hear from them again?

It doesn’t matter if it’s business or personal, when they drop the communication line, it hurts their reputation.

Implementing the simple, efficient, cost-effective techniques and tools offered in our LESSONS FOR SUCCESS will ensure that you are remembered as the thoughtful, respectful, person with the product or service they want to purchase and tell all their friends about.

Lesson 1


Lead Generation

Making new contacts and establishing new relationships is key to growing any business

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Lesson 2


Lead Conversion

Consistent follow-up will convert leads into customers

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Lesson 3


Customer Retention

Relationship marketing is about staying in touch

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Lesson 4



Complete the marketing circle with referrals from existing customers

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Meet the Faculty

Robert H. Rosenthal – Founder & CEO

A Degree in Business Management from FDU is only one step in Robert’s stairway of success. He is a CEO Space International Certified Entrepreneur and, if he’s earned anything, other than money, in his decades as an entrepreneur, it’s a PhD in Follow-up. He understands how implementing a solid follow-up program will bring exponential success to any business.

Robert has an extensive background in Customer Service and Customer Relations as the owner of multiple Hotels, Restaurants and Nightclubs all along the East Coast and he continues his business career, now in California, as the proprietor of Restaurants throughout the San Diego area.

Robert founded PhD in Follow-up so that he could share his talents for recognizing the little things that make a big impact and he has put together an outstanding leadership team of consultants, coaches and like-minded entrepreneurs who strive to aid others in their quest for business success.


Andrea Koochin – Consultant/Coach

Andrea is a global citizen having lived in several European countries and in Africa. She now lives in San Diego, where she assists her husband Steve, a Canadian, with the administration of his Holistic Health business. She was born and brought up in London, England and, as well as her native English, she is fluent in German and French. She is a mother, a homemaker and an entrepreneur.

With a foundation built on over 15 years in television production, specifically educational television, and several years in market research, Andrea has honed her skills in administration and business management to become a strategic marketing consultant and coach. Her insight and experience into how to develop and maintain effective follow-up systems has made her coaching invaluable to many small business owners and entrepreneurs who are challenged with implementing an effective marketing system.